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At MEDCIN Sense, we specialize in customized sensory evaluation. Our sensory panels are carefully selected to meet the specific needs of your product. They include:

  • Dermatologists trained for sensory evaluation of dermocosmetics.

  • Consumers trained for evaluations.

  • Untrained target audience.

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Customized Sensory Evaluation to Improve Your Product


MEDCIN Sense provides sensory analysis for both topical (cosmetics) and oral (food) products, providing valuable insights into the sensory profile and acceptance of your product.


Our scientific methods tap into the five human senses - sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing - to investigate how stimuli influence product perception and acceptance. We identify the sensory factors that drive consumer preference, revealing their likes and dislikes. In addition, our sensory tests can support label claims and communication efforts, using methodologies based on scientific models and statistical validation.


Sensory evaluations have several purposes, such as:

  • Comparison of prototypes

  • Identification of sensory attributes for communication

  • Comparison with reference products on the market

  • Evaluation of acceptance and formulation adjustments

Sensory Tests

1. Discriminative Tests:

Assessment of differences or similarities between products based on sensory characteristics. We use methods involving untrained individuals, targeting specific attributes or providing a general assessment.

3. Affective Tests:

Verify acceptance and preference towards one or more products, taking into account consumer preferences and habitual use of the product. Affective testing is based on quantitative methodology and involves sensory evaluation by consumers from the target audience. We measure hedonic responses such as overall preference, fragrance intensity and specific attributes. These tests replicate consumers' habitual use of the product.

2. Descriptive Tests:

Description and quantification of product sensory characteristics, using descriptive tests such as Triangular, Duo-Trio, Paired Comparison and Ranking. The evaluation is conducted by trained individuals following a specific protocol. They provide a technical characterization of the specific products or attributes.

The results of our sensory tests provide valuable insights for decision-making, allowing recommendations based on consumer perception. They are essential in product launches, prototype selection, reformulations, understanding strengths, reducing costs, supporting claims, monitoring competition and determining sensory specifications.

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