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At MEDCIN Research, we are committed to ensuring the safety of cosmetic products. We conduct human clinical studies to confirm safety and minimize risks, providing the best conditions of use for consumers.

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Safety and Acceptability Studies: Ensuring Consumers' Trust

Patch Test

Main Types of Study

1. Skin Compatibility Studies (Patch Test)

Aimed at proving the absence of specific potential adverse reactions under maximized or semi-maximized conditions. 

- Evaluation of Primary and Cumulative Skin Irritation

- Assessment of patch comedogenicity

- Evaluation of Dermal Sensitization

- Photoirritation Assessment

- Photosensitization Assessment

- Soap Chamber Test (for rinsable products with surfactants)

- Elbow Test/PC5

- Behind the Knee Test (for absorbents)

- Ocular Irritability ("Does not irritate eyes" / "Tear Free")

- Ocular Tolerance ("Does not drip into eyes")

2. Acceptability Studies (In Home Use Test)

Aims to prove the harmlessness of the product under normal conditions of use with the target audience. 

- Dermatological and/or pediatric, ophthalmological, gynecological, urological, dental acceptability

- Acnegenicity and comedogenicity evaluation in use

- Acceptability for Sensitive Skin

- Acceptability for professional/specific use products (depilatories, straighteners, nail polishes, dyes)

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