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Photoprotection Studies: Validating the Efficacy of Products for your Sun Protection

At MEDCIN Research, we conduct photoprotection efficacy studies according to internationally harmonized methodologies, with the aim of proving photoprotective efficacy and customizing protocols for specific attributes in cosmetics, dermocosmetics, health products and, in specific cases, nutraceuticals and topical and oral medicines.

Our photoprotection studies cover both in vivo and in vitro evaluation using globally recognized methodologies. For the in vivo assessment, we follow the FDA 2011, ISO 24444:2019, ISO 24442:2011 and COLIPA 2005 guidelines. For the in vitro evaluation, we use spectrophotometry according to ISO 24443:2012.


Main Types of Study:

1. Determination of SPF

3. Evaluation of Water and Sweat Resistance
5. Immediate Protection Assessment
7. Evaluation of Reduction of Erythema
9. Evaluation of Critical Wavelength
11. Determination of Long and Ultra Long Uva Protection
13. Assessment of Protection against the Effects of Pollution
2. Determination of UVA protection
4. Sand Resistance Assessment
6. Prolonged Protection Assessment
8. Evaluation of Tanning Efficacy
10. Assessment of Protection against Visible and Blue Light
12. Infrared Protection Assessment
14. Assessment of Photostability

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