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Efficacy Studies: Proving Product Performance

At MEDCIN Research, we are dedicated to proving the efficacy and performance of specific products through technical and statistical support. Our commitment is to develop customized protocols that meet the real needs of our customers, taking into account the unique attributes of each product. Our studies are aimed at:

1. Regulatory Demand
2. Claim Support
3. Medical Communication and Scientific Publication


Main Types of Study

1. Clinical Evaluations: 

Conducted by dermatologists and, where applicable, professionals from other specialties, according to the area of application of the product. These evaluations provide objective information on the effects of the product in the clinical context.

2. Subjective or Perceived Assessments: 

We collected the research subjects' self-perception of the effects of the product. These subjective assessments provide valuable insights into user experience and satisfaction with the product.

3. Instrumental or Objective Assessments: 

We use specific equipment to evaluate skin characteristics such as hydration, transepidermal water loss, firmness, elasticity, oiliness, pH, skin lightening, among others. These objective evaluations provide quantitative and reliable data on the effects of the product.

4. Photographic Records: 

We document the treated area at different moments of evaluation, allowing visual comparison of the results obtained with the use of the product.

5. Evaluation by Confocal Microscopy, Raman and Anatomopathology: 

We use advanced analysis techniques to investigate the structure and composition of the skin, evaluating the effects of the product at a microscopic level.

6. Other Specific Evaluations: 

We tailor our studies to meet the specific needs of each client. We can perform exercise tests, lactose tolerance tests and other assessments as requested.

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